What is Twin Stick Heroes?

Twin Stick Heroes is a local multiplayer bullet hell shooter developed for PC.

Who is making it?

Twin Stick Heroes is currently being developed by two brothers: Franklin Burnett Lead Developer and sole programmer

Ronald Burnett Art and Design

Who is publishing it?

Twin Stick Heroes is currently being self published.

But we are looking...

Does it have controller support?

Yes. Currently Twin Stick Heroes requires the use of controllers, with limited keyboard support.

What languages are supported?

Currently Twin Stick Heroes only supports English, but the limited amount of text in the game means any language is basically supported.

Can I talk about/post videos of your game on Youtube/Twitter?

Absolutely. Please feel free to create videos about Twin Stick Heroes. You also have permission to monetize your YouTube videos featuring Twin Stick Heroes content.

What is Twin Stick Heroes coded in?


Does it have a release date yet?

Feb 25th

Twin Stick Heroes

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